Background to Which?



Which?  started out in 1985 as a game called Black Sheep, where players had to choose between a series of two options.  Those choosing in the minority were  given black sheep tokens. 


At the end of the game, the player with the most tokens was anointed black sheep of the group.  Records of how players chose also showed which two players were most compatible - and vice versa!


It led to hours of conversation and good-humoured debate, and the cards of Which? can still be used to play Black Sheep if you like.


The game led to the discovery that roughly half of all players thought being the black sheep was a goal to aim for whilst the other half thought it a goal to be avoided.  This sometimes skewed players' answers, which meant the truth of those answers was compromised.


Also because there was no scoring involved, Black Sheep was one-dimensional.  It was less a game than a spark for good conversation - worthy though that might be.


Which? retains all the good aspects of Black Sheep, but adds extra skills, most dramatically the ability to predict the choices of your partner, friends, and family - with all the fiery and truth-revealing exchanges that failure at that activity might suggest!


Which? also adds a scoring system so there is ultimately a winning player or team.


By all means use Which? in its original Black Sheep form for an unstructured night of conversation, exchange of views, and compatability testing.  


But you'll probably find the added dimensions and complexities of Which? certainly spice those exchanges up!



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